Funding Schemes

Using a sustainable approach to soil resources that has both environmental and economic benefits.

Weller Designs Ltd has all the experience required to advise on the use of soil importation to raise revenue to contribute to the funding of a golf course development.

We have successfully worked with over 70 clients in the public and private sectors to develop new or improved facilities in this way.

This approach has come about in response to a decision by the Government and Environment Agency to transform the wasteful and unsustainable disposal at landfill sites of reusable subsoil and topsoil generated by excavations from buildings, roads and landscape works. The Environment Agency created a permitting regime whereby soil re-used at certain ‘engineered schemes’ including leisure, sports and park restoration would not be subject to landfill tax.

Obtaining a permit for bringing in soil for golf course construction is a complex process involving both the planning authority and Environment Agency. However, once achieved there is an opportunity to considerably offset or cover the cost of sports- and leisure-based schemes by commanding a royalty for allowing soil hauliers to deposit their soil at an approved site.

This royalty varies from project to project and each scheme has its own planning and Environment Agency requirements.

Soil is a vulnerable and, essentially, non-renewable resource and it is essential that any construction project investigates all possible approaches to protect the soil resources with which they work. Weller Designs is committed to working towards integrating and promoting, where possible, new approaches to a moreĀ sustainable golf.