Bentinck Golf Course – Sustainable design at the heart of regeneration

Work will begin in 2014 on this  new 18 hole golf course at the site of disused colliery tip at Bentinck  near Nottingham.

Mr Dyson, the owner of the site , brought us into the project  because of our considerable experience in  the design, planning  and management  of  golf course sites that require restoration  through the use of imported  recycled soils.

As a former colliery, the site has a number of environmental issues that needed addressing  before it could be brought back into use as a high quality recreational facility such as the existing landform needing to be capped with inert soil  before the golf course is constructed.

The use of recycled soils  to build the golf course is just one element of a  project that  aims to achieve a high degree  of sustainability through the use of wind turbines, solar energy, ground source heat pumps and water harvesting schemes. Weller Designs are instrumental in the design of the water harvesting scheme, using the  practice ground outfield as a catch basin for rainwater runoff in the winter which will be stored in a purpose built lagoon  for use in the irrigation season.

Bentinck Golf Course Masterplan_NEW

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Sustainable development  both in terms of construction and ongoing operation of facilities is paramount to new projects obtaining planning permission. To be involved   in this  project  and to be able to contribute to its overall sustainable ethos  is very exciting for us and an aspect of our business that we strive to develop.

Leigh Dyson - Owner