New and Remodelled Golf Courses

Our approach to any project is from the standpoint of people who love the game of golf, its history as well as its future, combined with extensive technical knowledge and skill.

New golf courses are an exciting part of our business.

For over three decades Bruce and David Weller have been designing golf course projects both in the UK and internationally. Our portfolio of work has seen successfully completed projects in the UK including the Marquess Course at Woburn Golf Club and internationally; projects have been completed or are in planning/construction in Spain, France, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Ireland and Israel.


Remodelling of courses has been a big growth area of business over the last ten years.

In a competitive marketplace, golf clubs, pay-and-play courses and driving ranges have to be increasingly aware of the standard of their facilities, both in terms of the quality of their courses, but also the diversity of facilities they offer.

Remodelling can be employed to make a course, or a specific part of a course, more attractive, more easily maintainable, resource-efficient, safer and suited to the demands of the modern game, whilst also raising the opportunity to reassess the overall experience being offered.